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Are you using a professional email address? You wouldn’t believe how many businesses are using or to name a couple. Don’t you think this would look better with

The truth is, it would. Not only would it look better and more professional to your potential customers. But it has also been communicated in a recent study, that when businesses use generic email addresses, 33% of people doubt its trustworthiness and 24% of people are concerned with sharing their personal information with that business.

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Professional Email Addresses
Our cloud-based solutions are versatile, and we have several plans with optional upgrades. The main benefit to this service is that you’ll look professional and gain the trust of customers.
Available On All Devices
You can login to your email account at anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. You can also connect up to any of your devices and receive notifications when email gets sent to your inbox.
Microsoft Office & Storage
With our email hosting solutions, you have options to utilise Microsoft Office software programs. Take full advantage of the usual apps such as OneDrive for cloud file storage, Word, Excel and more.
Email Backups
As part of our solution, we offer an optional email backup service to ensure you never lose emails ever again. You’ll no longer need to panic when you accidentally delete the wrong email.

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