SEO Services in Braintree

Here at Get Marketing Online, based in Braintree, Essex. We offer tailored SEO services for customers of all sizes. We have work with customers in and around Braintree. Including Colchester, Witham and Halstead, but also all over the UK. We also work with a number of customers in a range of online marketing services – such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Websites & Hosting solutions.

A lot of business owners do not fully understand the benefits of SEO and what it can bring to your business. Many of them think that once you have a website built, you’re done and Google is going to start loving your site and rank you #1 for a wide range of keywords. This just simply isn’t the case, there are many factors which go into making up your position on Google and other major search engines.

With technical aspects including on-the-page and off-the-page factors:

  • Properly structured on-the-page factors can really help with your websites rank. For example, are you using targeted keywords in your titles and descriptions for keywords which you want to rank for in the search engines?
  • An example of an off-page factor is page load times. Are you using a shared public web hosting account where thousands of websites are using the same servers’ resources or do you have your website on a dedicated or virtual private server running in peak performance with dedicated resources? You’ll be surprised to see how this can affect your business – especially websites which sell products online.

With regards to SEO, we help customers with increasing their search engine ranks, with
that increasing traffic and potential customers to their website from multiple
keyword searches. It doesn’t matter if you’re local to Braintree or not, regardless
of where you are in the world, we can help you with your website’s search
engine optimisation strategy.